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Charged with solicitation in Miami?

In Florida a person can be charged with solicitation without any exchange of money or any other act. Simply offering or agreeing to engage in a sexual act in exchange for money may be enough. The act of offering money in exchange for sexual activity constitutes a sex crime. If you have been charged with solicitation of prostitution you should waste no time arranging to be represented by a Miami sex crime attorney who takes aggressive action to protect clients.

Solicitation Defense Lawyer in Miami and Southern Florida

The consequences one can face if convicted for solicitation in Florida are particularly harsh. You may be sentenced up to one year in jail and if a vehicle was used your driver's license will be automatically revoked. Fines and various fees are typically assessed. Your name and picture will be publicized and you will be required to submit to testing for sexually transmitted diseases. You may find the charge embarrassing and just want it to go away. The only possible way you have to make it go away is to fight. With early intervention, before a charge is filed against you, a skilled solicitation defense lawyer at the firm can take immediate action calculated to prevent any charge from being filed at all or to get the prosecutor to reduce the charge.

It may be vital to your future to avoid having a conviction for solicitation appear on your record in addition to avoiding the possibility of a jail sentence. With 10 years of experience as a prosecutor with extensive trial experience you can feel confident that your interests will be skillfully represented when you have Michael Mirer on your side. Be assured that your right to a powerful defense will be given the utmost priority. A sex crime lawyer at the firm is determined to secure a positive result for you.

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