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Life as a Registered Sex Offender

In most serious sex crimes, the consequences are very severe, particularly those that are filed in federal court. Many sex crimes are considered felony offenses that carry long prison sentences, often for decades. Yet the true repercussions of a sex crime conviction can carry far beyond any prison sentence or large monetary fine. Both state and federal law require mandatory registration as a sex offender for almost all sex crimes. Life as a registered sex offender is exceedingly difficult. Your name, photograph, address and the crime for which you were convicted is easily accessible by any person that has a computer or access to one. There are even sex offender apps for smart phones. Essentially, you life will never be the same, and no matter where you move, you are required to register in the new location you chose. If you stand accused of a sex crime and run the risk of being registered as a sex offender, you should not hesitate to call a Miami sex crime attorney now.

Finding a good job will be almost impossible, and in the current job market, most employers ensure that they engage a person with a clean record - much less a registered sex offender. Living life as a registered sex offender means that you will be barred from any jobs related to caring for children or minors, will be restricted from certain types of professional licenses, and could face further time locked up in a civil detention facility. Registration will also dictate where you live in the state of Florida as sex offenders cannot live within 2000 feet from a school. Florida is harsher on convicted sex offenders than almost any other state in the country.

Federal Sex Crime Defense Attorney in Miami

Your best line of defense against a lifetime of hardship is to hire a skilled and knowledgeable defense attorney to represent your case. As a former prosecutor himself, attorney Michael Mirer has a firsthand knowledge of the strategies and techniques the prosecution will employ to try to achieve a conviction. He will work tirelessly to identify the best strategy to defend you against charges, whether you are charged in federal or state court. Your life and your future are too important to leave in the hands of lesser counsel.

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