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Federal Charges of Online Solicitation

Federal law prohibits the use of electronic media to solicit sexual acts. If you have been caught in the net of the federal criminal justice system, you must act at once and engage the services of a Miami federal sex crime defense lawyer from Law Office of Michael Mirer, P.A. The firm has impressive qualifications to bring to the table for you in defending your case in federal court. As this crime can involve extensive punishments, it is vital that your defense moves forward at once. When the criminal charges involve a child, the penalties in federal court can include up to 30 years, with enhanced penalties for those who have a prior sex offense on their criminal record. The repercussions are so serious that your need for a high quality, aggressive defense lawyer is absolutely critical. Attorney Michael Mirer formerly served as an Assistant State Attorney for Miami-Dade County, and has the trial experience and knowledge you will need to fight back.

Soliciting an individual for sexual favors, no matter whether a child or an adult is strictly against the law. In this day and age, the internet has made it very easy for individuals to communicate. Sex crimes such as online solicitation are prosecuted heavily, especially if the solicitation involves a minor. If you have been accused of online solicitation, you should contact a Miami sex crime attorney to protect you from the damaging effects of these accusations.

Law enforcement officials rely very heavily on sting operations and other undercover means to entrap individuals in soliciting online. These sting operations can place individuals in situations he or she would never normally seek out. Unfair and even unlawfully entrapment can be very common when it comes to uncovering individuals guilty of illegal solicitation. Some officers will overstep the law in order to secure a conviction. Your best line of defense against this kind of activity is to hire a good defense attorney to handle your case.

Sex Crime Defense Lawyer in Miami

Attorney Michael Mirer has extensive experience on both prosecuting individuals and defending individuals in these kinds of cases. His insight as a former criminal prosecutor allows attorney Mirer to anticipate the prosecution's line of attack. He will work closely with you to develop a compelling defense case to challenge the evidence brought to court by the prosecution team.

Contact a Miami federal sex crime lawyer if you have been accused of online solicitation or an online solicitation related offense.

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