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There is a great amount of pressure on law enforcement to eradicate prostitution and sex trafficking by "busting" prostitution establishments, pimps and other involved individuals. If a police officer is undercover the arrest may occur immediately upon agreement as to the price, or the officer may wait intending to apprehend and shut down the entire prostitution ring.

Generally both the prostitute and the customer are arrested along with anyone else who might be present and seem to the officer to be involved. This can have disastrous consequences on an innocent bystander who happens to be in the area. Regardless of your involvement or lack of involvement, if you have been arrested on a prostitution charge you need an experienced defense lawyer who is intimately familiar with the prosecution of these cases.

Federal Prostitution Charges

When a person under the age of 18 is transported across state lines for the purpose of sexual acts, the situation will be addressed in federal court. The sexual exploitation of children for prostitution or human trafficking are matters of extreme interest to federal investigators, particularly in the Miami area.

If you are accused of a federal crime involving prostitution or human trafficking, you must act quickly and engage the services of a high quality, aggressive defense attorney with extensive trial experience. As the penalties in federal court for these crimes are so extensive, immediate defense action must be initiated. The penalties can range from 5 years in prison to up to 30 years, with increased time for repeat offenders.

It is illegal to knowingly rent space to a prostitution activity, to run such a business, to arrange for others to commit acts of prostitution, and to recruit customers, or persons to engage in prostitution. Advertising a completely innocent escort service may result in an undercover investigation. Should an escort cross the line beyond providing pleasant companionship, you may be facing a number of serious criminal charges, especially if a minor is involved.

You could be charged in federal court if it is considered that you were engaged in the certain types of human trafficking or exploiting children through prostitution. The consequences of being convicted can range from probation or time in a county jail to many years in federal prison for each charge, based upon the exact details of the case.

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If you are already facing charges or suspect you are under investigation, you need to act quickly. Early intervention on your behalf by a skilled prostitution defense lawyer with many years as a former Assistant State Attorney in Miami-Dade County could significantly change the outcome of your case.

Without aggressive and experienced representation you will be at risk of facing a conviction. A skilled sex crime lawyer with a strong background in trial work can protect your rights inside and outside of the courtroom. Call the Law Office of Michael Mirer, P.A. for a free initial consultation.

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