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About Federal Internet Sex Crimes

Some people feel that the internet provides a completely anonymous experience in which an individual can act without fear of consequences. They fail to realize that actions or intentions of an illegally sexual nature carry heavy consequences, including facing federal charges. Internet sex crimes can range from the possession or distribution of child pornography to enticing or luring a minor for sexual purposes. Transmitting obscene material to a minor is another internet sex crime that carries with it heavy penalties , including 5 - 20 years in federal prison. If you are accused of committing an internet sex crime, you should contact a Miami sex crime lawyer without hesitation, your future could depend on it.

Government Response to the Rise in Internet Sex Crimes

Due to the rising number of internet related sex crimes, the government has taken an active approach to stopping potential sex offenders before they can harm other individuals. Currently there are approximately 59 government funded task forces actively investigating individuals who pose a sexual threat to minors. Florida alone has three of these task forces searching through chat rooms and using Facebook and other social networks to identify sex offenders. These task forces employ many techniques such as posing as underage individuals or posting under false identities in order to entrap individuals.

Internet Sex Crimes Lawyer in Miami

A skilled defense attorney will fight to protect you from the damaging effects of a sex crime conviction. As a former prosecuting attorney, Michael Mirer knows the lengths law enforcement officers will go to entrap a suspected individual. It could be necessary to engage the services of our team of recognized experts to bring forward evidence to raise the reasonable doubt that you were actually the individual guilty of the offense. It is crucial that you have quality legal representation so that every possible defense action is taken to fight back against a federal internet sex crime accusation.

Contact a Miami internet sex crime attorneyif you stand accused of committing an internet related sex crime.

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